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Transport to size

A busy demanding job, many social and business engagements out of the house, the constantly growing traffic and an increasing number of number of traffic jams, the irritation about the lack of adequate parking facilities and the never ceasing stream of telephone calls you have to make. In short: the basic elements for stress.
By using the services of Business Limousines you can reduce the hectic of the day considerably and you experience the advantages of safe and comfortable travelling.
Business Limousines offers you a complete offer of high quality services, completely meeting your personal wishes.

Business Limousines:
for a professional interpretation of your (armoured ) transport and security wishes.

Below we have listed the most important advantages of using a representative car and/or the services of a professional chauffeur.
You spend your precious time efecctively
Much precious time is lost in travelling. While your chauffeur takes you to your destination, you comfortably continue your activities.
You arrive at your destination free of stress
Many people don’t realize, that driving for a long time causes great physical and mental stress. The heavy traffic, demands the utmost concentration and the many traffic jams often cause great irritation. Finding your destination or looking for a parking place is a real terror too. You don’t need to have this stress at all.
Also, when you use Public Transport or Taxi Services you meet strain-raising elements: long waiting times, personnel that isn’t always friendly and adequate.
The chauffeurs of B&S provide a door to door service, and take your car exactly where you want to be. They are always on time and the traffic is their concern, so that you arrive at your appointment free of stress.
Safety guaranteed
Besides comfort we equally value your safety. Our chauffeurs followed a professional training for driving managers, directors and VIPs at 4iTrust. Central in this training are safety awareness and increase of driving abilities. Of course their knowledge and driving abilities are freshened up every year again.
The cars are a combination of comfortable luxury and solid reliability.

Representative charisma

  • Transport with luxury limousine
    You and your guests will be driven in the newest model Mercedes E and S-type or luxury mini-van. The cars contain many options: a.o. a navigation system, so that the requires destination can be reached in the fastest possible way, an air conditioning system, so that you and your guests will be sure of a pleasant temperature; a small fridge with refreshments during the trip. Also a portable fax can be booked as an extra.

  • Professional chauffeurs
    The chauffeurs have been selected by a renowned recuiting and selection office because the met our standards of sense of service and discretion. Beside their Excellent driving capabilities they are a representative and possess an honest and flexible attitude towards work.

Saving Costs
You decide when and how often you want to make use of the services of Business Limousines, both nationally and internationally.
You save yourself the purchase, the high insurance cost and the maintenance of one or more representative cars. By using our transport – and chauffeurs -services, you make a clear separation between the use of your car for work and private purposes, and so you yearly save a considerable addition .
By using the Business Limousines facilities you also save substantially on personnel costs. You need not concentrate on costly and time consuming affairs as recruiting and selection of qualified personnel and replacing of chauffeurs in case if illness.
In general the chauffeur’s working times are not subject to the CAO agreements of most organisations firms or institutions.
By contracting out your transport- and chauffeur’s services, you won’t be confronted with those problems any longer.

Your appointment is our concern!